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September 2013
Tips and Strategies for Helping Your Disorganized Child or Student
   Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D.

October 2013
Study for Success: Study Skills and Strategies for ADD/LD Students 
  Janice Hubbard

November 2013
Initiating and Shifting Activity, and Couples: Communication & Intimacy

​June 2013
Anxiety, Depression & ADHD - Optimizing Your Treatment
   Jack Vaeth, MD, Psychiatrist 

May 2013​
Effect of ADHD on Marriage: Differences Between Partners, Dynamic Partners, and Treatment Suggestions
   Teresa M. Hunt, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist 

April 2013
Taking Charge of Your Anger: Cognitive-Behavioral and Parenting Strategies for Dealing w/ANGRY Children and Adolescents
   W. Robert Nay, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist 

March 2013
The Healthy Use of Technology 
   Edward Spector, Psy.D., LLC.

February 2013
Study for Success: Study Skills and Strategies for ADD/LD Students 
   Janice T. Hubbard, M.S., School Counselor

January 2013
Why Some Children Struggle in School
   Dr. Joan Mele-McCarthy, CCC-SLP

December 2012
Training Your Brain for Success
   Lori Perez, ED.d.

November 2012
Optimizing and Calming the ADHD Brain Through Meditation and Yoga Practices
   Carol Ann Robbins, Ph.D. and Sharon Harty

October 2012
Is It an Attention Deficit or a Learning Disability?
   Dr. Jennifer Thorpe, Ph.D.

September 2012
ADD-Friendly Organizing Strategies
   Trish Walsh

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