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Make a Difference
Both the Anne Arundel County Chapter of CHADD and CHADD's national 
headquarters offer a wide range of services for parents, adults, children, and 
spouses or partners with attention deficit disorders. 

Chapter Services (all free):

        - Monthly meetings on topics of general interest 
        - Support groups 
        - Lending library (members only) 
        - Board of Directors 
        - Public outreach 
        - Special programs
        And more!

CHADD Member Benefits:

   - Affiliation with a Chapter in your area. There are over 200 CHADD affiliates nationwide. If a local support group exists in
     your area, you will receive support, resources, and the latest information from professionals, as well as critical
     information on local laws and policies affecting your family. 

   - A free copy of The CHADD Information and Resource Guide: A 100+ page guide to life with Attention Deficit /
     Hyperactivity Disorder. (A $29.95 value!) 

   - ATTENTION! Magazine: CHADD's bimonthly magazine, offering advice and the most current information about attention 
     deficit disorders from the field's leading experts. 

   - Reduced annual conference fee: CHADD's annual international conference is the major research, practice, and public 
     information conference dedicated to issues related to attention deficit disorder. The annual conference brings together 
     researchers, clinicians, educators, parents, and adults with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. Major goals of the 
     conference are to disseminate the latest developments in research, diagnosis, and treatment; to facilitate an ongoing 
     exchange about issues related to attention deficit disorders by individuals with different experiences and viewpoints; and 
     to increase public understanding of the disorder and its impact.

   - Member's Only Site: The CHADD Member's Only Site offers discussion boards, a chat site which conducts monthly
     chats with the top experts, monthly chat archives, ATTENTION! magazine archives, and much more. 
Anne Arundel County Chapter

Children and Adults with
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
P.O. Box 254
Arnold, MD 21012