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Social Skills Group Coaching for Parents and Adults
Play Better Book Club 
Sign up Process- This group is free to Maryland CHADD Chapter participants and donations can be made through our CHADD chapters link. To sign up for this group please email Coach Juliana at easyadhd@gmail.com

Group make up—In the event Coach Juliana cannot make a monthly session, she will reschedule the session to be held before August 2024.

Format—This book club is held virtually using Zoom. Each group session focuses on an assigned chapter reading and discussion questions centered around the reading.

Recommended Material— It is recommended for participants to purchase a copy of the book “Why Will No One Play with Me” by Caroline Maguire

Group size- Maximum of 20 people.

Group expectations—You will want to present that this is not one-on-one coaching, and therefore sometimes we have to keep answers high level or ask the parent to give 1-2 sentences about the problem. Members are welcome to schedule coaching time
with you one-on-one.

Extending group— Coach Juliana can extend the group and renegotiate the price once the group is complete.

Duration —1 hour per meeting.

Confidentiality—Group members are expected to keep any information shared in the group confidential so that all group members feel more comfortable sharing or discussing sensitive issues. Confidentiality is critical for most support groups. Inform and ask that group members agree that information shared at the meetings is not to be repeated outside the group.

About Juliana
• Coaches facilitating the Play Better Book Group are graduates of ADD Coach Academy Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families.
• Coaches will follow ICF code of conduct. For example, no medical advice should be given on medication or medical matters.

Group Expectations
1. Respect the right for individual differences to one another and the right to come to different conclusions.
2. Respect and maintain confidentiality for information shared in the group and promise not to share that information outside the group.
3. Listen to each other and allow space to ensure everyone is given time to speak.
4. Forgive each other’s mistakes and own our own conduct.
5. Allow each member the opportunity to speak or to stay silent depending on their individual preference.
6. Understand that some individual issues are not able to be addressed in this group and the group leader may have to give others time to ask questions.

Monthly Topics