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Social Skills Group Coaching for Parents and Adults
Play Better Book Club 
The monthly topics will be as follows:

Prework: Social Skills Questionnaire and Executive Functions Questionnaire

Meeting 1 Filtering Information (Who is your Audience?) Where can we talk about:
Discussion Questions: How can the story affect your child’s social approach? What can you do if your child is
unable or unwilling to see her story?

Meeting 2 to practice noticing social cues to watch specific social behaviors.
Discussion Questions: What do you recognize about your child?
What element of executive function do you feel gets in your child’s way?
What makes you concerned about coaching your child? What do you make of the
statement that you are the best person to help your child?

Meeting 3 Reading the Room .. Taking Someone's Point of View
Discussion Questions: What makes these 7 things important? What do the parents in the group see in their own child? What concerns you about coaching your child? Where can you see yourself using the coaching communication style? What do you think are the benefits of small conversations?
What do the 8 elements bring up for you? What seems hardest to do?

Meeting 4 Design Your Own Social Spy Lesson
Discussion Questions: What is the role of strengths in your child’s learning? How does your child view his talents?

Meeting 5 Mind Your Peas and Cues
Discussion Questions: What can you do to make this fun and interactive? What concerns do you have about your child engaging with the material? What can parents do when a child thinks they are fine? What role does the comfort zone and reaching new heights play? What if a child would never do the comfort zone exercise how do you talk about being uncomfortable?

Meeting 6 Q&A format
Discussion Questions: What concerns do group members have about teaching actual skills? What is their plan or thought process on how to do it? What is the benefit to developing these skills in their child’s life and what impact will these skills have on their child?

Meeting 7 Build on That. Conversations work when we know people are listening to us - and other people know we are listening to them.
Discussion Questions: What does it mean to coach from the sidelines? What does it look like? When do you feel they must jump in? What patterns do you have to break that may be hard for you as a parent to change?

Meeting 8 “To Be Determined” Potential Q&A format
Discussion Questions: What triggers you and makes it hard for you as a parent to discuss things calmly? What can you do to end some patterns with your child? What does consistency look like?

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