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November 8, 2016
7:00 pm: College: Finding a Good Fit for the Student who Learns Differently with Judith Bass, CEP  

In this presentation, participants will be provided with helpful strategies in the college planning process to ensure a smooth transition to college. Topics include ACT/SAT accommodations, psychoeducational testing requirements, and alternative postsecondary options. Participants will learn about the wide range of support available on college campuses today, including social support and ADHD coaching, and how to evaluate the quality of the learning support. Specific colleges will be mentioned as examples of the above. The presentation will conclude with a 15-minute question and answer period to address any issues not discussed or that need further clarification.

Judith S. Bass, CEP is a nationally recognized expert in the field of college placement for students who learn differently. Judith is the founder of Bass Educational Services, LLC, an educational consulting firm that provides comprehensive college planning and K-12 school placements for students with ADHD and other learning differences. She has also developed CollegeWebLD, www.collegewebld.com , a one-stop source of information on college disability services in over 400 colleges in the US. Judith is a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences as well as to parent groups throughout the United States. www.basseducationalservices.com 

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