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November 10th, 2015
7:00pm:  Navigating the Social World: Social Cognitive Strategies for Home and School
               with Karen Bisnett, M. Ed Special Education

The social component of one’s intelligence is important at home and school. Social communication issues impact academics and can have a lasting affect into adulthood as individuals must learn to adapt behavior based on the perceived thoughts of people we live and work with. This presentation focuses on why social learning programs are important for children and adults who struggle with social cognition. We provide a basic understanding of executive function, theory of mind, and perspective taking skills. We examine the goals of a successful social communicator and provide strategies for developing perspective-taking skills. This presentation is a great resource for parents with children struggling in a social world.

Karen Bisnett is the Founder of Savvy Social Skills, LLC. She has over 8 years of experience working with children with a variety of disabilities. She has a Master of Education in special education. While working as a special educator in the local school districts, Karen realized the increasing need for availability of social learning programs for students in the area. Karen is excited to continue to expand her expertise in the world of social cognition by attending social thinking conferences and participating in the Mentorship Training Program in the Social Thinking Clinic run by Michelle Garcia Winner. She brings these techniques into her practice to help her clients become confident social thinkers.

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