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May 12th, 2015
7:00 pm: How to Get Wired for Love and NOT War: 
Creating Secure Relationships by Understanding Your Partner’s Brain and Attachment Style

Dr. Teresa Hunt, a clinical psychologist and specialist in treating couples, will present a review of Dr. Stan Tatkin’s book: “Wired for Love”. 

She will discuss the importance of a number of guiding principles, informed by the latest findings in neuroscience, attachment and arousal, to help couples defuse conflict and create secure bonds. Most couples simply do not understand the keys to relaxing their partner and making him/her feel safe emotionally.
Some of these principles include: The importance of creating a secure “Couple Bubble”; the importance of understanding your partner’s fear center, and how to defuse it. She will also discuss the importance of psychobiology in understanding how to amplify positive feelings in the relationship, so that both partners feel safe and connected.

Also tonight:

8:30pm - 9:20pm: Parent Support Group with Carol Robbins, Ph.D.  
8:30pm - 9:20pm: Adult Support Group with Matt Cahill