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March 12, 2019
7:00 PM:  Learning to Manage Adult ADHD Symptoms with Nancy Mahaney Ph.D.

Bright, capable people living with ADHD often wonder why it is so hard to meet the goals they set for themselves. They know what to do. Why don’t they do what they know? Often, it is because they lack the skills to stay on course when the course is long and tedious.

This presentation presents a cognitive behavioral approach designed to improve planning/organization, manage distractability, and increase awareness of how our thinking impacts our feelings and actions. We’ll talk about strategies and the importance of practice and having compassion for one self in learning new ways to manage ADHD symptoms.

​Nancy B. Mahaney, Ph.D. ABPP, of Chesapeake Center for ADHD, Learning, and Behavioral Health, is a licensed clinical psychologist certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology as both a clinical neuropsychologist and a subspecialist in pediatric clinical neuropsychology. When working with adults seeking greater control over their own behavior, she helps them to improve everyday habits and to try new decision-making, planning, organization, and time management skills. Together, Dr. Mahaney and her clients refine goals, test out alternate problem-solving strategies, and determine any needed changes to the client’s environment to enhance greater success. 

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