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February 13, 2018   
7:00 PM: Executive Functions in Action 
with Ieva Bolstein, Director of EF coaching at the Thrive Center.

Each of us navigates daily life - learning, work, recreation and relationships - thanks to intrinsic skills called executive functions. This presentation will be an executive function 101 course during which participants will learn about EF through their own lens with self-evaluation, sharing and gaining of strategies to navigate the day more productively and successfully. 

Bio: Ieva Bolstein, Director of EF coaching at the Thrive Center, is an experienced coach, with 30+ years a parent, 40+ years as a classroom teacher, and with degrees in Sociology, Social Work, Education, and Counseling. Through life experiences and many walks of life, she sees the significance of understanding the Executive Functions and their impact on our being productive and successful!.

Also tonight:

8:30pm - 9:20pm: Parent Support Group with Carol Robbins, Ph.D.  
8:30pm - 9:20pm: Adult Support Group with Matt Cahill