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December 12, 2017
7:00 pm: TITLE: Medication and Beyond: Comprehensive Treatments for Adult ADHD, 
with Rick Silver, MD

The impact of ADHD goes far beyond an individual’s ability to perform in a work or academic setting. Self-image, emotional stability, mood and anxiety disorders, substance use and the ability to communicate effectively and function socially are all arenas that require attention for children and adults with ADHD. Medication management, though offering one important set of tools, could be augmented by individual therapy, couple’s work, executive function coaching and emotional self-regulation.This talk will review the broad array of interventions that can be used to help individuals with ADHD improve their life functioning. Participants will have the opportunity to explore how they might expand and improve their current treatment regimens to more effectively manage their ADHD-related challenges.


Rick Silver, MD, is a psychiatrist who for many years has been practicing mind-body approaches to health, both in his personal and professional life. His experience with finding good care for two of his daughters who have ADHD helped shape the approaches he uses at THRIVE which he founded in 2007. Dr. Silver obtained his undergraduate degree from University of Michigan; a Master's degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University; and his medical and psychiatric training from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

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